Matrimonial Dispute Investigations

Divorce papers and cash with misc itemsCheck Out Your Partner provides clients contemplating or embroiled in matrimonial disputes – divorce actions, custody battles & separation of asset agreement – with a range of professional & discreet fact finding, consulting and investigative services, including, but not limited to: verifying, determining & documenting fidelity issues; identifying and documenting personal problems and vices; assessing assets; conducting financial investigations; providing computer forensic analysis; developing evidence; ongoing stationary and mobile monitoring; risk and threat assessments; documenting abuse; and witness development.

Check Out Your Partner works at the direction of and in concert with legal counsel to develop facts, witnesses and evidence to assist in divorce proceedings or child custody battles. After-the-fact alimony mitigation investigations in such jurisdictions as Massachusetts are also conducted at counsel’s direction.

Our experts include forensic accountants, licensed private investigators, former law enforcement, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, Certified Protection Professionals, public records experts, investigative analysts, surveillance experts and experienced investigative research analysts, among others.