Check Out Your Partner is an exclusive professional background screening and fact finding service.  Our discerning clients seek to confidentially, discreetly and appropriately learn more about backgrounds, activities, financial wherewithal and track records of potential or existing spouses, love interests, significant others, personal vendors and other individuals in which they place their trust or bring into their house.

Check Out Your Partner is not a do-it-yourself online background checking service but rather a professional full-service investigations and security consulting firm offering the highest quality work product to a distinct, affluent clientele. We speak to each of our clients and/or their counsel individually, learn their circumstances and provide a customized service.

When things go wrong in a relationship or marriage, Check Out Your Partner experts also provide a range of matrimonial dispute investigative services, including, but not limited to, verifying, determining & documenting fidelity issues; identifying and documenting personal problems and vices; assessing assets; conducting financial investigations; providing computer forensic analysis; developing evidence; ongoing stationary and mobile monitoring; risk and threat assessments; documenting abuse; and witness development. In these cases, we typically work at the direction of our client’s legal counsel.