About Us

About Check Out Your PartnerCheck Out Your Partner was established in 2007 by long-time industry experts who saw the need for a high-level professional and discreet consumer fact finding service to check out the backgrounds of potential and existing significant others as well as for providing expert consulting & investigations related to divorce proceedings and separations.

Dating services have become a very common means of identifying a potential partner.  Although this practice may help streamline the matchmaking process, you may find yourself in a vulnerable position if your counterpart has been less than honest about his/her background.  To avoid potential emotional, phsyical and/or financial distress, it is wise to invest in a discreet but thorough background check to protect oneself before becoming too committed in a relationship.  Or perhaps the relationship has already developed but there are red flags which need to be addressed….  One recent survey showed that as many as one in ten online dating profiles are scams or frauds.

For peace of mind and prudence, a parent may want to discreetly check out the person their young adult child is dating. A wife may want to determine whether her husband is involved in inappropriate extramarital activities. A man or woman may want to learn more about a potential love interest before becoming too committed. A son may want to have professional screening conducted on a home healthcare provider for their elderly parent. Parents may want to fully vet a nanny or other caregiver. Homeowners may want to investigate the backgrounds of vendors or contractors.

Based in the Northeast US, but operating globally, we strive to provide the highest level of customer service available to a discerning clientele. Our clients include high net-worth individuals and their legal counsel. Check Out Your Partner is not a do-it-yourself online background checking service but rather a professional full-service investigations and security consulting firm offering the highest quality work product.  Discretion, confidentiality, professionalism and a strict adherence to legal constraints and individual privacy rights are the hallmarks of our own reputation.

Aside from this website, we do not advertise, but rather rely on our clients, their attorneys and other trusted advisers for referrals. Call us at (917) 733-1038 or e-mail us at info@checkoutyourpartner.com or complete the form on the contact page for a confidential pre-engagement discussion of your circumstances.

Check Out Your Partner is an operating unit of Marquet International, Ltd., a globally recognized licensed investigations and security consulting firm.