The service really helped me get to a comfort level with my new boyfriend whom I met online.  Their report allowed me to get my head to where I think my heart is.


My wife and I were concerned that our daughter was involved with a bad actor…. They confirmed our suspicions and we were able to present the information in such a way as to help her extricate herself from a potentially harmful relationship.


I was distraught because I suspected my wife of 12 years was cheating on me.  We have three school-aged kids and I needed to be sure to make an informed decision about divorce.  The investigators were discreet and professional.  Sadly, they proved that my suspicions were correct, but ultimately I had some peace of mind.

New York

Chris Marquet not only provided my attorneys with very helpful information about the activities of my soon-to-be ex-husband, but also gave us excellent advice in general strategizing about my impending divorce.

New York City

I had Chris Marquet check out my daughter’s boyfriend, who was somewhat older than her.  My concern was that he may have been a womanizer and not suitable for her in the long run.  Turns out he had a prior divorce that he did not tell her about and lived a fast and loose lifestyle that would only spell trouble. Thankfully my daughter ended the relationship after we found out about this.

New York City

I started dating a beautiful woman recently who my friends warned me was a “gold-digger.”  I did not believe them but was worried nonetheless as I am a small business owner and do not want to be taken advantage of.  I was given a comfort level with my now fiancé, that I would not have otherwise had.


I asked Chris Marquet to check-out my daughter's fiancé.  He was older and appeared unusually guarded about his history.  They determined that he was living under an assumed name and had been married several times before.  When confronted, he had many excuses that did not seem plausible. Chris and his team were critical in uncovering the truth and saving my daughter from a potentially terrible marriage.