Background Investigations

PaperworkCheck Out Your Partner provides its discerning clients with professional, discreet, legal & ethical background investigations on individuals (and business enterprises) throughout the US and indeed, all over the world.

Our investigative agents are experienced, locally licensed, discreet and thorough. We seek to identify potential issues and problem areas – should they exist – from infidelity, to gambling addiction, substance abuse, financial and business problems and legal troubles just to name a few. Lifestyle examinations, asset evaluations, and verifications of credentials, including marital history, track record, reputation, education, employment background & family ties are also some of the areas our professional investigators examine.

Check Out Your Partner background investigations are conducted by experienced professionals and are hand-crafted inquiries, tailored to each client, depending upon his or her needs. We do not offer cookie cutter solutions as we do not believe they exist. However, the depth of our experience allows us to plan fact finding strategies best suited for each client. Discretion, confidentiality and professionalism are the hallmarks of our own reputation.

Some of the types of individuals/entities we frequently check out include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Spouses
  • Possible spouses
  • Significant others
  • Individuals met online
  • Unwanted admirers
  • Home healthcare providers
  • Nannies and childcare providers
  • Contractors and vendors
  • Household personnel
  • Potential business partners