Chris Marquet

Chris Marquet, CEO

Chris Marquet

Chris Marquet is executive director of Check Out Your Partner and the CEO of Marquet International, Ltd.  He began his career in the investigative industry in 1983 as a graduate of Dartmouth College, when he joined Kroll Associates in New York City where he was later named the youngest managing director in the firms history.  Chris held a variety of senior management roles during his nearly 2 decade career at Kroll, including six years in their first branch office in San Francisco and culminating as senior managing director in charge of the New England region, based in Boston.  He subsequently co-founded Citigate Global Intelligence in 2002 and later Marquet International, in 2006.

Chris is a recognized expert in the investigative and litigation support arenas, including but not limited to such areas as: due diligence; employee misconduct and white collar fraud; executive screening and background checks; asset recovery; litigation intelligence; workplace violence; and corporate and personal security.  Over the course of his 30+ year career, Chris has overseen many sensitive personal and matrimonial investigations.

Chris’ work has taken him all over the world.  He has published numerous industry-related articles and white papers – the most well known being his annual Marquet Report on Embezzlement and the Marquet Report on Ponzi Schemes.  He has also been a frequent speaker before many groups on a wide variety of investigative and fact-finding topics.  Chris is regularly quoted as an investigative expert and his public studies referenced by the media.  He is the recent author of the article, Recognizing the Warning Signs of Infidelity.

Chris is a Certifed Board Advisor, a licensed private detective, and a member of a number of professional associations.